Simone Stad

Board Member - Optometrist

Simone is a Dutch optometrist and completed her Bachelor degree at the University of applied science in Utrecht. For her Master degree, she went to City University London, United Kingdom. She is a Fellow of the BCLA and lectured extensively at national and international conferences. She has been a key opinion leader for well-known international

Mathieu Kunnen

Board member - Retired Manager

In addition to his job of head of operations at WEZO, Mathieu has always been an active volunteer for the local hockey association. In 2011, Mathieu was knighted as a member in the Order of Orange-Nassau, for being of exceptional service to society. After retiring, Mathieu become even more active in the voluntary sector, taking

Charlotte Marbus

Board member - Account Executive

Maria Markoulli

Board member - Optometrist PhD

Maria is an Australian optometrist and completed her Optometry degree at the University of New South Wales in 2003 and has worked in practices around Australia. In 2005 she joined the Brien Holden Vision Institute as a Research Optometrist working on contact lens-related clinical trials. In 2012 she was awarded with her PhD under the

Frans Oosterhof

Board member - Optometrist

After a long battle with ALS, on  8 September 2012 our board member Frans Oosterhof passed away. Frans was an optometrist and owner of optician Oosterhof in Eindhoven. Frans was the inventor of the E-Scoop glass, which is a spectacle lens aimed at improving the vision of people with macular degeneration. Frans and Carolina first

Bianca van Leeuwen

Consultant - Optometrist

Bianca van Leeuwen is an optometrist with an HR background working in the ‘Zonnestraal’ an Eye Hospital in Amsterdam. In addition to her work to this roll, Bianca is also very active as a volunteer in a Dutch organization called ‘Nederlands Contactlens Congres’ (NCC), which is the largest contact lens association in Europe. Bianca and

Rens Bais

IT Consultant - Video Editor

Rens is a video editor and IT specialist working as an IT consultant at the University of Alabama in Birmingham, AL, United States. In addition to this, Rens and Carolina Kunnen are business partners and founders of ‘LimeStone Group’, a company that amongst other services creates scientific video abstracts of scientific research explained in simple

Esma Tahir Aygun

Volunteer 2011 - Orthoptist

Esma Aygun is orthoptist working as a teacher at the faculty of orthoptics at the Hogeschool Utrecht. In addition, she also works as an orthoptist for the eye care center ‘Visie’. Esma and Carolina first met in 1999 when they both started their studies at the Hogeschool Utrecht. Their paths would continually cross in the

Huub Villevoye

Secretary - Retired Bankmanager

Huub Villevoye is the secretary/treasurer of The Optical Foundation. With his extensive experience as director of the ABN-AMRO Bank, it’s a privilege to work with him as he selflessly pours his experience into establishing projects in Ghana. It seems almost obvious that he would be managing the finances of The Optical Foundation. In February 2007

Rianne Harmsen

Vice Chairwoman - Medicinal Chemist PhD

Rianne has a PhD in medicinal chemistry and currently holds a post-doc position at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences in Ås. Rianne lived in Ghana for a year in 2007-2008 to teach biology, chemistry and physics at the Nandom Secondary School, a school located in the remote northwest of Ghana. Rianne and Carolina happened

Carolina Kunnen

Chairwoman - Optometrist Orthoptist PhD

Carolina has been board member of The Optical Foundation since 2006 and became the president in 2008. In 2007, Carolina set up The Optical Foundation first project in Ghana. Carolina is an optometrist and orthoptist, who after her studies worked for several years in the Netherlands, before moving to Australia in 2010 to do her

Rick Elenbaas

Volunteer Web Administrator

The Optical Foundation is growing and it is with great pleasure that we introduce our newest board member Rick Elenbaas. Rick joined The Optical Foundation in April, responding to a volunteer web administrator vacancy we posted on social media. As a Digital Performance & Analytics Specialist, specialising in SEO & analytics, with senior digital agency