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The Optical Foundation is a non-profit organisation, founded in 2004 with the mission of making eye care accessible for everyone in Ghana, especially for children.

We focus specifically on children, because any untreated eye disorder can greatly impact their educational development and early detection can prevent illiteracy.

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The Optical Foundation makes eye care accessible through screening, education & research, especially for children in Ghana.

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Volunteer with The Optical Foundation in Ghana in your field of optometry / orthoptics or organise a fundraising event to raise much needed funds for children’s eye care.

The Optical Founcation is working together with the Department of Optometry of the University of Cape Coast to make eye care more accessible in Ghana, especially for children by performing eye examinations on schools and in communities. The Ghanaian Optometry students are helping to perform the eye examinations so that they will gain practical experience and become specialists in their own country.

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Make eye care accessible to everyone in Ghana, especially for children.

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